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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Consulting in area of blockchain, cryptocurrency.  How to choose best project and technology.

MDM - IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

 Consulting activities in the MDM - IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management area include the following aspects:

  • MDM analysis for existing customers that have their data in multiple systems;
  • Architect transaction style within the MDM system;
  • Creation of customized transactions using the development tool;
  • Optimize the MDM performance and batch;
  • MDM solution customization of Java code, as well as optimizing SQL Queries;
  • Implement DW and ETL processes using IBM Information Server (DataStage and Quality Stage) for both ETL extract transform, load, match and qualify data.

Project management


We manage software projects in simple way using following principles with stages:

Initiation Step

  • Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Defining the Project
  • Identifying the Project Goals
  • Level Setting the Project Expectations
  • Developing the Statement of Work, SOW
  • Outline the Project Scope
  • Review business requirments
  • Estimate budget
  • Estimate delivery time
  • Estimate risks

The Planning Step

  • Develop Task List and project plan
  • Publish Project Activities Required to Complete the Project
  • Develop Project Schedule
  • Coordinate the Project Budget
  • Revisit Project Scope and SOW and make Adjustments
  • Gather Stakeholder Approval
  • Define key milestones and feedback points
    • OAT and failover tests, operational acceptance

The Execution Step

  • Implement project plan
  • Schedule Team Meetings
  • Schedule daily calls
  • Communicate Regularly with Stakeholders
  • Develop Problem Remediation Steps
  • Be Diligent in Clearing Project Roadblocks

The Control Steps

  • Track Project Progress
  • Reacting to Project Changes
  • Adjusting Project Schedule to Account for Changes
  • Adjusting Project Scope when Appropriate
  • Communicating any and all Changes to Project Stakeholders
  • Document and Consensus Gaining
  • Implement monitoring and service books
  • Hepline and operationa guidelines

Closing Steps

  • Release Project Resources
  • Conducting a "Lesson's Learned" from the Project Team Members
  • Collect Project Outcomes from Stakeholders
  • Write a Final Project Report